As of January 1st 2005 the State of California implemented groundbreaking environmental legislation (SB 20 & later amended SB 50) protecting California from the hazards of electronic waste (e-waste). Through applying a tax on select electronic devices, this legislation has created a budget to ensure and regulate the environmentally conscious disposal of e-waste. In turn, the recycling of this material is simple and cost-free to the end-user.

Why recycle electronic waste?

Why not?! Recycling is more than a word, it’s a mentality and way of life. With the increasing population and decreasing of natural resources available why not re-use the materials we can.

More specifically, SB 20 and SB 50 focus on the regulated disposal of Cathode Ray Tubes(CRT’s). CRT’s are viewing devices such as televisions and computer monitors that contain a minimum of 7-15 lbs of lead. CRT’s project harmful cathode-rays that, without lead, would create sickness and disease in humans.

Prior to the initiation of this state subsidized program California citizens would have to pay $20 to $40 dollars to properly dispose of a CRT or the cheaper option, dump it on the side of the road. In order to create a more attractive solution to the ‘end user’ and the environment, SB 20 and SB 50 have added a ‘recycling tax’ to all newly purchased CRT’s. In turn, the proper disposal process is paid for in the purchase and allows companies like Neuwaste Business Recycling(NBR) to collect the material at no charge! Now, e-waste recycling is free and convenient to residents and businesses all over California.

What is an e-waste recycling fundraiser?

E-waste events occur all over the state of California. NBR and it’s sponsor find a central and well known location (min. 7,000 sq. ft.). Next, we notify the public of the disposal opportunity and what materials are accepted. From there we are on-site to accept the e-waste on the designated days and times. NBR comes with a team of employees, trucks, and packaging equipment for an efficient and clean collection. Participants that choose to make use of the collection effort are invited to stay in there car while NBR employees unload their car. Residents are asked for some basic information to confirm their California residency and, in return, they can leave an unlimited amount of electronic waste!

I want to do an e-waste recycling fundraiser for my group!

E-waste recycling fundraisers are not only good opportunities to serve and educate the community; they can be lucrative fundraisers too! A big part of an e-waste recycling fundraiser is notifying the surrounding populous that the event will take place. This is done by a driven grassroots marketing campaign targeting all different aspects of the local community.

How do I get more information?
Contact us. You can ask for an NBR representative to come to your next club meeting and explain what the effort would include in more detail. From there, we can schedule a date and start promoting your club’s newest fundraiser.